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Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn appears in Royal Tritron Gas Commercial just before hitting stardom. In 1952, Marilyn accepts a Photoplay award for fastest rising star and thanks the magazine in her classic breathy manner. In the mid-1950s Marilyn is photographed by eager paparazzi, throws out the first ball, smiles for the camera and visits the troops in Korea. Gives classic kiss to the camera.

Huge billboard of Marilyn for THE SEVEN YEAR ITCH goes up in Times Square. Marilyn waits on the receiving line with Victor Mature to be greeted by the Queen. In Korea, Marilyn gives the boys what they've long been waiting for as she comes out in a signature black gown. Marilyn poses and kisses her new hubbie Joe DiMaggio.

She meets the press with new hubbie Arthur Miller, and in her final and most famous appearance, Peter Lawford introduces her as "the late Marilyn Monroe" and she sings HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MR. PRESIDENT. JFK comments: "I can now retire from politics after having Happy Birthday being sung to me in such a sweet and wholesome manner."

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